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Dealing with discouragements

Good Day! How's life so far? Are you even encountering problems, challenges or disappoinments maybe? The question is, how would you even handle them?
First, we must always remember God's promises.
Humans as we are, we are forgetful. Satan or the devil would really try to steal those promises from God. For example, Satan will make you doubt and question God's word. This is Satan's old trick. We should always remember God's word and proclaim this always. When problems and adversity arises, sometimes instead of turning to God for help first, we sometimes doubt and question Him. We sometimes ask advice from the wrong people or even turn to the ways of this world just to relief or escape the agony of that problem. Just for example, the drunkards on the streets. They just got drunk all day not minding or solving their problems. They asked for advice from their friends and got the wrong one.
An example who trusted God: Job
 It does not mean if God sends you problems He does not love you anymore. Everything He does is in line with His Perfect Will.  Did you know that this problems in life strengthen your faith in God.
Even Job in the Bible trusted God when everything in his possession was taken away. In his story, God tested the faith of Job. God took everything of his property and he even got sick. He has the option to just do nothing and drink. He has the option to mock God for the problems and disappointments but he did not. Instead, he praised God for the situation.  Look at his life, when he trusted and praised God for his trials and problems, knowing God is with him, a great breakthrough happened! He even got richer, even got hundredfolds of blessing.

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