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Are you new to this blog? Well, let me give you a warm welcome! Let me introduce myself, I am Unkow, an avid blogger. If this is your first time here on this blog, I'll introduce you to its features.


I created this blog to share the Gospel. In this way, readers will be transformed by the renewing of their minds and not being conformed with the patterns of this world. (Romans 12:2) My mission is to spread the Good News and vision is to lead them to Jesus Christ.


Blog's Features:

Search and Pages

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Blog's Search is using .

First is search, so you can search for posts in this blog. The Search Bar is just right beneath the blog's title and description. We used and we index it with the messages contained in this blog.

Blog's Navigational Bar

You can see  is the first page that you'll see as you stumble upon this blog. It talks about the Living Word of God. Next is the . This contains prayer for a relationship with Christ. And the last two headers are and . They are miscellaneous stuff anyways. Last June 2013, we have added one more addition- . We'd like to hear your feedback/testimonies!  


Blog's Sidebar
On this blog's sidebar, it contains navigational links and social support. It includes a Welcome, which leads you to this page.  Follow by email, so you can be updated to new posts by email. We've added Bible Verses courtesy of . Subscribe allows you to catch new posts through RSS feeds and stay connected.  Popular posts, tags and archives navigates you to our posts with ease. Finally, subscribers, translate and some ads are located at the last part of this blog. This blog is powered by . Enjoy navigating and God bless!

Plus, we recommend that you start with this page:

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