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Have a time of prayer

Prayer. It is your key to a personal relationship with God. He is interested in every word you that we all say. He delights when we, His children are talking to Him. The Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing. Prayer will never get boring because if we are in His presence, it is a very powerful experience that all of us would want, only God can satisfy our desires, not even the world can satisfy it. Prayer is just like we’re talking to God. The only moment prayer can get boring and tiresome if it lacks love and commitment.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, It is the key to a personal relationship with Him. In the Bible, Jesus Himself taught His disciples to pray. (Mt. 6:9) He gave them instructions on how to develop a very effective prayer. We must learn how to communicate with God. Psalms 100:2,4 teaches us to enter into His presence with a praise and thanksgiving. The Bible teaches us that we can go directly to God the Father. Any prayer you prayed, any prayer you’ve asked has to be directed to the Father in the name of Jesus. From this message, we should ask in the name of Jesus.

God is also the Lord of everything. There is always abundance in Him. He is always generous to each of His children. His goodness endures forever. His favors are unlimited. Jesus is our provider. Jesus is our only mediator. The Scripture teaches that there is one God and one mediator between God and men. Jesus Christ. (1 Timothy 2:5)

The more we put prayer into practice; our Spiritual man grows while our carnal nature becomes weak. In this message, Prayer should go along with Thanksgiving. Giving thanks to God what’s best for bitterness, hatred, pain and failures. We should put prayer into our daily routine. Expose all areas of struggle in prayer. God will surely help you. It also allows you to experience His goodness and greatness. Make a decision now. Start a new part of your life by following this: have a time of prayer.

 Let JESUS take the stirring wheel over your life.

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