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Spiritual Warfare

Welcome! How's your day? We'll be talking about a battle within you. Let's get this started. Prepare your hearts and ask God to give you revelation and protect you. This is a very serious topic all of us should know and be aware of.

 We need to know what causes you to sin. Before you receive Christ as your Lord and Savior, You only have one nature in you. It is your sinful nature (the flesh). It is the nature that is ruling in your heart. No matter how you try to do well and avoid sin, you still continue to do so because of that old nature in you. It is the nature that all men inherited from Adam and Eve; you cannot overcome it. You have no struggle with sin. Jesus said in the Bible that you cannot drive a force by itself; you need another stronger force, which is the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. (Mark 3:20-30, Matthew 12:22-37) There is hope, by the way, by receiving Christ and let Him rule over your life. If you have not received Christ as your Lord and Savior yet, click here.

 You have now received Christ and there is a brand-new nature living in you. The Divine Nature of the Holy Spirit or simply the new nature lives in you. Take note of this: Since the new nature has been dwelling upon you, your body is now the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It doesn't mean that the old nature (the flesh) is gone. It is still there though; it will be there until you die physically.

 The Holy Spirit is now ruling over your life. If we sin once in a while, the Holy Spirit will remind you that what you did is the wrong thing, then the Holy Spirit will remind and convict you to confess and repent of your sin to God. (1 John 1:8-9) Because God is faithful, He forgives us if you ask Him. Notice that if you sin, your sin is not instantly forgiven by God without asking Him to do so with all your spirit and soul. You have to make a choice either to follow what God says or yourself. Still, God did not take away your free will.

 The desires of the flesh are against of what is of the Spirit. They have been always fighting for control in every believer. If you choose to feed yourself with the things of the Spirit (reading and meditating on His word), the weaker your desire to sin becomes. In the other way around, if you choose to feed yourself with worldly things and eventually sin, you are destroying the temple of the Holy Spirit. The flesh desires for the worldly things but the Spirit desires for eternal things from God. The flesh submits to the enemy, but the Spirit submits to God. Do not condemn yourself if you’ve struggled with sin and yet sometimes fall into it. Because you have a new nature, you choose not to continue with it through the Holy Spirit and repents. (1 John 2:29) Victory is yours through Christ!

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