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Fight back the enemy!

Fight back against your enemy! Receive Jesus Christ first and ask Him to breathe the Holy Spirit on you. Then you'll have authority in Jesus name to cast out and reject them! For a thousand years, no wonder our enemy, Satan still uses his old tricks. He targets us at our weakest points.

This is his first trick. He throws suggestions and lofty arguments. His targets are your ears and eyes. Our ears and eyes are the entry gate of our body. What we see or hear, it affects us. But the word of God instructs us to combat and destroy strongholds in the name of Jesus.

What is a stronghold? It is built by the enemy on your mind. Think of it this way: the enemy builds strongholds if there is an open door. What are our open doors? There are a lot to mention. Some of them are idolatry, unforgiving heart, cursing, continually sinning, hatred, lying, sexual sins or lusting in the mind, practicing divination or association with the occult, addiction and many more to mention. Once you did it, you gave the enemy a foothold on you to build a stronghold. Then your mind will have arguments or many "what if?" Eventually, leads to many other sin. Once you have Christ, you have the power to destroy strongholds and arguments in the mind in the name of Jesus.

Even our Messiah or Saviour, Jesus has been tempted with Satan's old tricks. (Matthew 4:1-11, James 1:12) Jesus did not give in. Instead, He used the Word of God as weapon then Satan left Him. Let's battle the enemy with the truth from the Word. What should you do to resist the works of the evil one? Pray. We cannot defeat the enemy without God's help. (Psalms 116:4) If you know that media or anything would lead you to sin, stay away from it! Run away from them literally and Say NO! You know what is the right thing, so why do it?

Now here, we'll learn why Satan wants you to be tempted and sin against God. We know that He is God's enemy. First, he also wants that you'll be God's enemy as well. How? By tempting you to sin against God. (James 4:4) By being an enemy, this leads him to his another goal: he wants you to be separated from God as well. (John 12:17, Luke 12:16-21) If Satan succeeded in those two, then he is also successful to his plan number 3: He wants man to face doom and destruction. (Psalms 10:3-4)
He will be silenced if he finds out you've made a decision to follow and make Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. After that, it doesn't end there. He will try to win you back to your old self. You can overcome him through Jesus Christ. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. Peace in Christ!

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